A Class for your Baby and You

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Course Content

The attachement parenting BabySteps® baby class guides you through babys first year. The class is sectioned into two levels: BabySteps® Mini for the tiniest (0-6 months) und BabySteps® Maxi for the second half-year of baby’s life.
In each 60-minutes lesson we cover a different topic and discuss current insights into brain and developmental research. Based on these informations you can make well-informed decisions and you will find it much easiert to understand your baby. Of course there is enough time for exchange with the other participants and for all your questions.

Besides the theory, we will have a lot of fun. Each lesson, age-appropriate sensory and play offers are prepared for your baby.  We will sing together, do nursery rhymes or get to know baby massage techniques. This additionally strenghtens the bond between you and your baby.

To me personally, it is very important to have a relaxed atmosphere in my courses.  Therefore the focus is on your needs and those of your baby. You can breastfeed/ bottle feed your baby or walk around whenever you both feel like doing it.

BabySteps® Mini (0-6 months)

Your baby has just come into this world and is getting used to it. For you as a parent, there are a lot of new challenges as well. BabySteps® Mini supports you to master those challenges. We will stimulate baby’s senses with age-appropriate songs, nursery rhymes or baby massage. Finally, spending time with a lot of physical and eye contact strenghtens the bond between you and your baby.

Upcoming dates:

upon request

Price    250 CHF

Babysteps® Maxi (7-12 Months)

As it gets more mobile, your baby increasingly starts to explore the world. BabySteps® Maxi class takes you and your baby on an expedition with various play offers and exercise areas. While your baby gets to know his peers, you can exchange with the other parents in class.


Upcoming dates:

upon request

Price     250 CHF