Babywearing consultation Zurich

Do want to learn how to ergonomically wear your baby or toddler?

Trageberatung Zürich

Looking for a babywearing consultation in Zurich? Look no further!
I will help you find your way through the myriad of babywearing options. I am happy to come to your home for a consultation or we can meet in the consultation room in Zurich-Hottingen.

Holistic consultation

As a course instructor for parent preparation courses, baby courses, sibling courses and as a baby sleep coach according to the Artgerecht project, I have a lot of knowledge to advise you holistically – even beyond pure babywearing issues.

Trageberatung Zürich

Consulting Options

First-time consultation

Would you like to find the ideal way to carry your baby or do you already have a baby carrier or sling and need help putting it on?
In an initial consultation, we will briefly discuss the theoretical basics of babywearing, then we will practice one or two techniques. We will take a look at the baby carriers you already have or you can try a carrier from my fundus.

After the consultation, you can test a wrap or carrier at home free of charge and will receive a detailed email and videos to continue practicing at home. Of course, I am also available to answer any questions you may have after the consultation.

Consultation location: We can meet for the consultation in Zurich-Hottingen or I can come to your home (within Zurich city area, further distances upon request).

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Price: 140 CHF per family

Follow-up consultation

In a follow-up consultation, you can learn futher techniques, test new baby carriers or wraps or clarify questions that arise during the course of your babywearing journey. Is your carrier still a good choice for you and your child? What about forward-facing carrying? How can I carry my little one on my back?  These are just a few examples of the many possible topics for a follow-up consultation.

Consultation location: We can meet in Zurich-Hottingen or I can visit you at home (within Zurich city area, further distances upon request).


Price: 70 CHF per hour

Pregnancy consultation

Are you expecting a baby and want to prepare for babywearing already before the arrival of your little one? A pregnancy consultation is a wonderful opportunity to do so! I will be happy to give you an overview of the various babywearing options and products on the market. I will also show you what you need to bear in mind to ensure that babywearing is safe, ergonomic and comfortable for both you and your baby.

If your pregnancy belly allows it, we can practise one or two techniques with a wrap or carrier with a special doll. This way you can carry your baby right from the start. 

After your baby is born, I will be happy to revisit you for a second consultation. We can clarify final questions, try the techniques out with your child and adjust the carrier to your baby. 

Consultation location: At your home or we can meet in the consultation room in Zurich-Hottingen.

Price:  70 CHF per hour or “Pregnancy consultation and postnatal visit”-package 165 CHF