Baby Care

Learn how to both care for your baby and nurture your bond

You are expecting a baby, just became parent(s) or are a caregiver of a newborn?
This course not only teaches you the basics of baby care such as changing diapers, washing your little one or holding and wearing it. Beyond that, this course has a mindful approach to baby care based on Dr. Emmi Pikler’s concept of respectful care.
Baby care is much more than just a matter of hygiene: it is full of moments of togetherness, affection and undivided attention. In addition to keeping your baby clean, this mindful approach to baby care can strengthen the bond with your baby.
As a certified baby wearing consultant, I will also show you how to use a sling or a baby carrier in an ergonomic way for both you and your little one.

baby care course Zurich

My offer

This course takes approximately 5 hours and is currently only available as a private course. In case you want to attend the course with friends, just let me know and we will figure something out.

When? On request

Where? At your home

Price: 350 CHF (additional charges for visits outside of Zurich city zone)

"We loved our session with Eva! She gave us a lot of useful information on baby care
and beast-feeding and we feel much more prepared now!
Highly recommended!
C. L.

Course content

baby care course Zurich

You are German-speaking?
My Mindful Baby Care course is also part of Elternwerden, a Pre-Parental class which is held by midwife Judith Suta, carrying consultant Miriam Schraner, psychologist (MSc) Laetitia Burkhard and me. Elternwerden is currently only held in German. Visit the German section of my website to find more information on the German pre-parental class.